Wooden Mezuzah Case

An open Mezuzah case that shows the "klaf", With a modern architectural design.
Made of Sapele Mahogany wood, varnished with danish oil, and decorated with gold plated brass lines and the letter "Shin".
The case is suitable to a 12-10 cm Klaf (scroll).


Mahogany / Walnut / Maple Wood
Gold Plated Brass
Glass Tube
Size: 5.9" x 1.6" (15 cm x 4 cm)

It doesn't come with the klaf, if you wish to add one (it is kosher), please select it and mention in your note which kind (sephardi, ashkenazi, chabad, etc..)

The Mezuzah case comes with 3M double sided adhesive tape on its back.

~ Note that due to the use of wood and hand tool woodworking techniques, each product is unique in itself and may look slightly different than those displayed in the catalogue.


“Designing a Mezuzah case gave me a chance to reflect on the ambivalent relationship between the Mezuzah case and its ‘Klaf’ (scroll). Should the case cover and conceal the scroll, or should it reveal and celebrate it? This interesting challenge was a great opportunity to combine aesthetic principles borrowed from the realm of architecture with the genuine intention of presenting the scroll as the heart of the Mezuzah. The result was an architectural composition of symmetric straight lines gently revealing the scroll as the protected beating heart of this harmonic mezuzah case.”  
Architect and Designer Elad Geifman