Bread Knife

The Harvest – that is the moment when steel meets wheat for the first time - the moment that symbolizes the beginning of a time-honored process. The next time steel shall meet wheat’s final product is on the breadboard. The design of the knife comes to glorify and honor the origins of bread, a central symbol of traditions and our origins.

The blade is decorated with wheat stalks that lie naturally along the knife to provide the sense of movement characteristic of wheat in the field.

The knife blade is constructed of 440A stainless steel, of especially strong and high quality, which has been hardened to an ideal toughness. The blade begins at the handle and creates a uniform and very durable piece. The handle is made of either Bamboo, Rosewood or Zebrano wood.

Handle: Bamboo, Rosewood or Zebrano
Stainless Steel - 440A grade

Length: 14.1" (36cm)
Blade thickness: 0.06" (1.5mm)
Handle thickness: 0.8" (2.3cm)