The Artists


A sense of wonder, the joy in looking at beautiful things - these special moments occur around  us every day, some hidden, some revealed. Yet, we seldom recognize them, and rarely stop to simply appreciate what is right before our eyes.

 We believe these small honest moments enrich our days with joy, wonder and curiosity. This is the core principle behind "why we do what we do."  We fuse together materials, meaning, and love to create pieces that proliferate these wonderful feelings in our most sacred of places - our home.


Hoshen Designs is an exclusive arts & crafts studio based in Israel. What started as a family workshop founded by Jonathan & Elad Geifman is today representing a collaboration of artists and designers who share a passion for exploring exciting new designs that express their artistic ingenuity.




"design has always been part of my life, but never have I felt it so closely. In all my years working as an architect, I always searched for more ways to express creativity – the kind that embodies real freedom and significance.  The gradual transition from large-scale planning to the design of objects for home use has opened the door to those creative energies that I now pour joyfully into every item I make."

 "On a personal level, as an Israeli and Jewish person, this process has drawn me closer to a source of meaning and has given me the opportunity to touch the roots of something very powerful that was lacking in my life.  I am grateful to be part of something that has evolved into something so amazing."

Architect Elad Geifman





“How I came to do what we do. After eight years of working in the Israeli armed forces, it’s probably a reasonable question.  The truth is that all my life I created and was interested in art, and setting up my studio has been a dream come true.  Bringing ideas and creative thinking to the drawing table, through meticulous and thorough work, at the end of which stands the finished product – that is an extraordinary feeling of satisfaction for me.  Every product I ship to another person serves to strengthen that same sense of satisfaction, as if I am letting that person share in the same feeling…”

 Artist Jonathan Geifman